Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY

Realizing My Destiny

When I was in 8th standard I had a thought “A girl who is going to be the first engineer from her family, isn’t it exciting?”This was the moment in which I had immediately decided that I want to be an engineer. I knew that engineers can do miracles and can bring immense changes. At that time Computer Science was the buzzword and I was fascinated by software engineers who were changing the whole world with their innovations. This industry was bringing many commendable changes and wonders which had convinced me to be a part of this industry. This curiosity had kindled the fire inside me of getting an IIT or NIT because I only knew that IITian or NITian could do wonders. After so much of hard work and dedication, I couldn’t make it to IIT, NIT or any tier-one college. I was so depressed, but I didn’t let this setback extinguish the fire of my curiosity to know about technologies and coding. I got admission in a tier-three college and started my coding journey by learning some programming languages and web development but I always had thought in my mind that I want to spread awareness among people who don’t know what coding is or to help those who don’t have proper access or privileges to do coding and this motivated me to be the part of communities like GirlsScript and Progate. The best thing about being a part of these communities is their vision of learning and growing together and that’s what my belief is because I always wanted to pursue something that empowers others. If you want to make some contributions to society then your vision should be to reach out to more and more people, make them aware of what you are learning or doing and how you can contribute with this knowledge.

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“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

- Stephen Hawking

Learning Together And Growing Together

With Progate, I had taken my first step towards empowering others by organising a very first event of Progate in my college. I got to know about Progate through one of my colleagues. She told me what Progate is and asked me to visit its website and courses. When I saw their initiatives and vision, I was so excited to be a part of such a great team who is working as a gateway for many people in the programming world. More than 100 participants joined the programme. It was a huge success. I got positive feedback from the participants. They enjoyed the platform. The idea behind organising this event was to reach out to those who are not aware of such platforms and are serious to learn about how to code but they don’t have access to it. After organizing my very first successful event of Progate, I wanted to do volunteering for them and be a community intern. I applied for their student volunteer programme and I get a chance to work as a Progate volunteer.

Take The First Step And Path Will Appear

I am working as a Progate student volunteer. As a volunteer Progate gives me many opportunities to help others and to be the gateway of the programming world for others. Till now, I have organised two events as a Progate volunteer. The first event was of Java virtual training, I wanted it to be joined by those people who don’t know about Progate or don’t like coding. I tried to convince many of my friends to join the programme who are not from computer science branch because everyone should know how to code. As I wanted to reach out to as many as possible, I had used my social media accounts very wisely. I messaged people on Instagram and LinkedIn and asked them to share it in their college WhatsApp groups or with friends who are interested in coding and that helped me a lot to reach out to maximum people. In this way, I was able to have around 100 people in my WhatsApp group that I have created to connect everyone who is interested in Progate events and want to learn to code.

My second event was of 40 hours of HTML and CSS. In this event, I was interested to connect with more of school students rather than college because school students who are in 9th or 10th standard should know how they can create a webpage. I shared about it with my brother’s friends and some of the kids who live near me, almost 4 or 5 school students joined it and they have learnt how to create a webpage. I am excited to organise more such events with Progate or any other mean which will help others to grow or make them aware of how they can help society or uplift themselves by learning to code.




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